Biden Summit -2022
Biden Summit -2022
Biden Summit -2022

At a bilateral meeting today, 14th December 2022 at the Washington Convention Center, United States of America, Sierra Leone’s Foreign Minister  Professor David Francis impressed on Victoria Jane Nuland , U.S. Under- Secretary of State for Political Affairs that the practice of democracy has become a challenge. 

Professor Francis cited the January 6th event that the United States is grappling with , which no longer makes any country the prophet of democracy. 

He further informed international journalists who are in the United States to cover the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit that his government is determined to continue upholding the tenets of democracy.

Foreign Minister Francis told the VOA Network that he has informed Victoria Jane Nuland that Sierra Leone has successfully organized, and funded the mid term census which has given the country the leverage to plan its development agenda. He further informed the U.S. Under -Secretary of State for Political Affairs during the bilateral meeting that Sierra Leone has introduced a biometric system that will help manage data system for accurate and reliable information. 

On the conduct of the June 2023 elections, Professor Francis appraised the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs that Sierra Leone has passed a Proportional Representation system of election in Parliament which will usher in a free, fair, and democratic elections. 

As a Sovereign State, Professor Francis went on, Sierra Leone has to fund the 2023 elections, but that it does not mean that Sierra Leone does not need support. Professor Francis appealed to Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs for technical support to Sierra Leone during next year’s elections. 

U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Jane Nuland informed Professor Francis that the United States will continue supporting Sierra Leone in its democratization process. 

PEL Koroma
Washington, DC.