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Other Consular Services

Effective Monday 14th, July 2014, all CONSULAR PAYMENTS must be made by MONEY ORDER or CASHIERS CHECK made payable to the Embassy of Sierra Leone. Transactions will include and not limited to payments for Visas both normal and expedited, payments for Emergency Travelling Certificates, Authentication of Documents etc.

Authentication of Documents: US$ 100.00

The Embassy authenticates documents such as Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Educational and business documents, driver’s license etc., that have been issued by the various authorities in Sierra Leone.

Submit your original document(s) to be authenticated by mail together with the required fee of US$ 100.00 per document

Emergency Travel Certificate: $100.00

Process time: Three to Five business days

click here to download application form

Republic of Sierra Leone Passport Application Forms: $10.00

The Embassy wishes to inform the general public that as a government policy, it no longer processes applications for the issuance or renewal of passports. However, as part of the directives from the Immigration Department in Sierra Leone, Application Forms for the issuance or renewal of passports should be purchased at the Embassy at a rate of US$ 10.00 (Ten United States Dollars).

Applicants who wish to renew their passports should forward to the Embassy

  • Copies of the first five pages of their expired passport
  • Money order of US$10.00
  • A prepaid self-addressed envelope

Applicants that have never had a Sierra Leone passport must present the following

  • Original Sierra Leone Birth Certificate.
  • Report of Lost/Stolen Passport from the police if your passport is missing or stolen

If your Sierra Leone passport is missing, please report to the police first and then complete the lost/stolen passport form

Click here to download lost/stolen passport application form

Requirements for transporting human remains to Sierra Leone

  • Death certificate
  • Burial/Transit permit
  • Certification from the treating doctor/Health department stating that the deceased did not have any contagious disease
  • Certificate from the embalmer
  • Current republic of Sierra Leone Passport (If the individual did not have a current passport, an Emergency Travel Certificate will have to be obtained. )The application form can be obtained at our website
  • NOTE: We understand that it can be difficult to obtain passport size photos of the deceased; therefore any two photographs showing full face can be accepted.
  • Copy of itinerary
  • Money Order of $100.00 made payable to the Embassy of Sierra Leone
  • Prepaid self addressed envelope, preferably express mail.