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A Mining Cadastre is the cornerstone of a secure mineral rights system and records the geographical location, ownership and time validity of mining rights, and for compliance with the payment of fees and/or other requirements to keep a concession valid. Security of tenure is very important both to large and small scale mining operations both to ensure a return on investment over the life of a mine and to avoid legal disputes over ownership.

Successful implementation of a modern mining cadastre requires the development of a database of mining licenses with their status, location, ownership, fees and dues paid, and other relevant information. Modern tools, such as specifically adapted Geographical Information Systems (GIS), are used to provide a legally valid mapping system and a Global Positioning System (GPS) used to locate corner points of concessions.

The Mining Cadastre System in Sierra Leone

As a first step in implementing the cadastre system for mining in Sierra Leone, the Ministry of Mineral Resources has introduced a computerized cadastre system for artisanal mining activity in Kono. It plans to expand this system to other parts of the country, for which training on the new system is currently being delivered in Bo and Kenema districts.


· The Mines and Minerals Act 2009, foresees that the MCO is the focal point for all applicants and licence holders

· All applications, requests, communications regarding a mining licence and documents required to maintain and manage a licence must be addressed to the MCO, directly

· MCO will coordinate the validation of GPS data and availability of plots with the Geological Survey Division (GSD) as well as all required payments with the National Revenue Authority (NRA)

· This one-stop-shop procedure ensures fast and efficient processing of all applications and licence management requests.

MCO Opening Times:

The MCO is located at the Ministry of Mineral Resources, on the 5th Floor of the Youyi Building,

Brookfields, Freetown

09:00 – 17:00: Mon – Fri (Closed between 13:00 – 14:00)

Closed Saturday and Sunday