The Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Washington D.C. presents its compliments to all Non-Governmental Organizations in Washington D.C. and with profound sorrow wishes to inform that during the early hours of August 14, 2017 there was a disastrous and unprecedented mudslide at Regent and massive flooding in other disaster-prone areas in the city of Freetown and its immediate environs.

Confirmed reports indicate that over four hundred people have lost their lives and six hundred still unaccounted for, while properties worth billions of Leones have been destroyed and thousands of inhabitants of the affected areas have been rendered homeless.

While the Sierra Leone Government and some non-governmental organizations and institutions are making ongoing efforts to respond to the disaster, the logistical challenges are hampering an effective response as thousands of people, particularly women and children urgently need items such as food, shelter, clothing, water, and dignity kits.

Against this backdrop, it would be much appreciated if your organization could kindly assist in providing assistance for the above-named items. Monetary donations are also accepted and could be given either by checks or could be deposited via wire directly into the Embassy of Sierra Leone's Account at Citibank:
Routing number: 254070116
Account Number: 9250340931

The Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone avails itself of this opportunity to renew to all non­ governmental organizations in Washington D.C. the assurances of its highest consideration.